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Minimise Your Child's Screen Time by Visiting Jungle Land

November 07, 2019

Minimise Your Child\'s Screen Time by Visiting Jungle Land

What’s one of the most prominent issues afflicting parents today? Being unable to ween their child away from smart devices, even after enforcing rules around usage.

Through no fault of their own, self-control is a lesson learned in the later stages of our life – which isn’t to say a solution doesn’t exist.

Discipline and time limits exacerbate matters for some parents. Because of this, many are now turning towards the more subtle lessons that Jungle Land’s Toronto indoor playground provides to solve this issue, here’s how:

Thematic Similarities from Device to Real-Life

An indoor playground like Jungle Land has put careful consideration into the design and maintenance that goes behind it. From colourful rooms, events, characters, and other elements, we introduce themes that share much in common with the games, videos, and other activities your children enjoy on their smart devices.

We find that this promotes engagement, from Super Mario décor to Christmas themed events, children can see their favourite digital events brought to life and, in many cases, find the passive approach of watching or tapping on their devices to be lackluster in comparison.

The Timelessness of Play

Physical activity, no matter if it’s something as strenuous as running or as subdued as walking, can have profound effects on the calming and focusing of the mind.

The assortment of play structures at our Toronto indoor playground, like our ball pit, trampoline, climb tower, and so on, provide an almost limitless number of ways for your child to get their blood flowing and, more importantly, endorphins rushing - permeating their day and life with positive emotions.

The Allure of the New

With the advent of smart technology, pundits posit that social conditioning has deteriorated as a result – more so amongst children. As a result, forming well-rounded communication habits are becoming a vital component of child rearing.

No better is this fostered within the Toronto indoor playground of Jungle Land – acting as the hub for communication skills to develop between children as they play. The appeal for children to stay glued to their smart devices quickly goes out the window when they’re surrounded by likeminded youths who want to partake in physically fun pursuits.

Companionship is innate to the human psyche; with all the benefits inducted to society through smart technology, human interaction, nonetheless, remains as potent as ever for our wellbeing.

Quality Time Encourages Quality Time Together

An intensive day at Jungle Land’s Toronto indoor playground is best accompanied by dining together as a family. The physically demanding day placates your children, turning an otherwise frivolous dining experience into a lighter, relaxed, and quality time spent with the whole family.

In fact, you may come to have some of the best conversations together in these moments, making everyone bond just that little bit more.

Jungle Land – Providing More Than Just Entertainment

Parents finding time away for themselves can be invaluable, all the more when their children are free to play in a protected and safe environment that only a Toronto indoor playground like Jungle Land can provide.

The benefits of places like Jungle Land become more compounded when you think of the organic way it promotes social interaction; keeping children’s eyes away from devices, and onto the world. Inquire with us today and book your ticket to fun!