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Why Our Vaughan Indoor Playground Contributes to Your Child’s Wellbeing

September 05, 2019

Now that you know what to look out for, safety wise, when looking for an indoor playground, you can now look at the finer details as to how exactly the Vaughan indoor playground we provide can have a marked benefit on the overall healthiness of your children.

Childhood development is not a two-dimensional measure, there are several factors that play into a healthy upbringing for children.

For today’s piece, we will be discussing three strong determinants (physical, emotional, and mental) that our City of Vaughan indoor playground is known to positively affect when it comes to your child’s upbringing:


Physical Health

Let us start with the more apparent opportunity for growth that indoor playgrounds can provide – increased activity. There exists a strong inversely proportional link between increased physical exposure and reduction in serious health conditions such as hypertension and cardiovascular disease.

Our Vaughan indoor playground ensures that activity levels amongst children stays consistently high, this is because of the numerous installations we have within our facility’s playground, such as a ball pool, trampoline, rainbow ramp, etc.


Emotional Wellbeing

While stress, anger, and sadness are not emotional traits we strive for in our lives they are ultimately what make us human. It is characteristic that those with a strong emotional conviction can learn to control these negative emotions with more tact.

The way an indoor playground such as ours promotes this predilection is through children obeying rules, sharing toys, learning to wait their turn, and developing social skills needed to make friends. Making for a healthier and happier child.


Mental Wellness

A study of more than 50,000 people over the age of 16 carried out in 2017 by Sheffield Hallam University found that lower levels of anxiety were directly related to an increase in physical activity.


This anxiety is especially prevalent amongst children as they become accustomed to the novelty of the world around them. Indoor playgrounds, by their very nature, directly combat cortisol levels associated with stress as they provide physical exertion in a fun manner.


As you can see, instilling healthy habits in our younger years provides a solid foundation for experiences throughout the rest of life. While a multitude of lifestyle choices play into the wellbeing of an individual, indoor playgrounds can cast a wide net over some of the more important factors.


Consider a visit to Jungle Land, our wondrous, jungle-themed Vaughan indoor playground in Ontario. We provide a playground built around letting your child run wild while enjoying the entertainment provided by our animal mascots. Infants accompanied with a sibling can even come free!