Closed on Friday Mar 22nd from 5PM to 9PM
During this time Jungle Land will be closed to the public.
We apologize for any inconveniences.


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Child Drop-Off

  • For Children ages 5+.
  • Flat fee of $29.95+HST for up to 3 hours maximum.
  • Duration of play time is fixed and if late, there will be a charge of $1 per 1 minute with absolutely zero exceptions.
  • We trust that the children attending will follow rules laid out by staff and management without any conflict. Please provide any additional information about your child (i.e. medical/assistance conditions) that you feel are worthy of us knowing.
  • Jungle Land is a socks only facility. Children are required to wear socks at all times, if you forget to bring socks for your child we will add it to your cost ($2+HST).
  • Children attending “Drop Off Play” MUST be potty trained – If an accident occurs you will be called to return immediately to change and/or pick up your child.
  • Parents/Guardians must sign children in and sign children out upon arrival/departure. Children will be given a wristband that indicates their Last Name and time they arrived. Parents/Guardians will have a matching wristband that will indicate time of pickup and child’s name to avoid any sort of confusion. The same Parent/Guardian that dropped off the child will be responsible for picking up the child, unless otherwise specified and Staff at Jungle Land have a clear understanding of who will be picking up the child at the stated time.
  • Children are more than welcome to bring in their own snacks and refillable water bottles – any food brought in must be nut-free and nothing Hot/Baked/Greasy/Fried (E.g. Not Allowed: French fries, samosas, porchetta, chicken fingers, rice, chicken wings, spring rolls, pastas with sauces etc.)
  • Before arrival, please look on our website or give us a call at 905-760-5565 in order to see if we are closed for any private events.