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Indoor Playground Richmond Hill: More Activity, Better Sleep

May 27, 2016

Did you know that physical activity can benefit a child’s sleep? Jungle Land, a Richmond Hill indoor playground, makes fun and fitness available year round. Parents can take their kids to Jungle Land for fun and all the benefits that come along with physical movement. Active children have a means of channeling their lively energy by climbing, swinging, jumping, and sliding to their heart’s content. 

Child behaviorists agree that physical activity has many rewards beyond the obvious exercise benefits. Being active during the day has a direct link to sleeping well during the night. In studies, children who had the opportunity to partake in physical activity during the day felt more relaxed and had an easier time falling asleep. There is a reason why exercise is the first thing doctors recommend to boost sleep quality.

Benefits of visiting a Richmond Hill indoor playground include but are not limited to:


  • Feeling less stressed
  • Strengthening muscles, bones, and joints
  • Better concentration at school
  • More relaxed sleep

The positive effects of even moderate physical activity are reduction in the time it takes to fall asleep, as well as an increase in length of sleep. This means children visiting an indoor playground in Richmond Hill get their daily dose of exercise and benefit from sounder sleep. After a fun session of climbing and exploring, a child falls asleep faster and also stays asleep longer. Getting enough sleep is directly linked to better concentration, improved memory, and a more balanced mood.

Most kids have a bottomless supply of energy, always asking for more playtime. This is natural, it means that a child who is always trying to get out of bedtime still has energy to spare. Try tuckering them out during the day with different kinds of activities and you will find that your child is more relaxed come bedtime.

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