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Benefits of a Toronto Indoor Playground

March 24, 2016

There are numerous benefits in taking your child to a Toronto indoor playground. Fun and interactive centers like Jungle Land provide hours of entertainment. Kids of all ages enjoy the colorful and safe environment, while the jungle theme unfolds their imaginations. However, there is actually a lot more to play than most realize. When a child engages in play, both social and solitary, a lot is going on to aid their cognitive growth. Leisure time boosts relaxation, which in turn decreases mood swings. Meanwhile, pediatric studies show a promising link between playtime and good behavior.

Children have been observed to exhibit better behavior in schools when given the opportunity to play during recess. Expending energy during recess or gym is directly linked to better performance during class time. Researchers have compared child behavior at school with and without play breaks, concluding that kids who do not have an opportunity to play are more distracted and irritable during a lesson, which impedes academic performance. When leisure time is taken away as a punishment for poor behavior, this only serves to make the situation worse. Child behaviorists agree that playtime for children works similar to charging a battery. Children need that time to unwind and recharge.

In a metropolitan city like Toronto, an indoor playground is a great option for children to get their recommended daily period of play. Parents can supervise their kids in a friendly environment while enjoying some free Wi-Fi. A dynamic playground, such as the one offered by Jungle Land, stimulates creative thought as kids make up their own fantasy activities. This ability to fantasize and role-play is highly advantageous to a developing brain, proven to be beneficial for children and linked to better performance at school. A Toronto indoor playground is a good place for parents to take their kids, where they will be safe and entertained.