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How to Encourage Your Kids To Exercise

June 18, 2021

Physical activity plays a very important role in a child’s development. With indoor playgrounds still being closed, parents must find more ways to keep their children active and healthy. Have your kids been enjoying some extra screen time since the restrictions brought on by the pandemic? While we understand how interactive games on a phone or any other device are an excellent way to stimulate the mind, we hope that these tips help you to engage your young one with physical exercise too.

Tips To Get Your Children To Exercise

Lead by Example

Children are often inspired by what their parents do, and at times, you will even get to see them wanting to imitate their parents. You can use this tendency to get your kids involved in your workout sessions. You could start by talking about exercise as a fun activity and encouraging your kids to participate.

Throw In Some Healthy Competition

Healthy competition is an effective tool to make sure that your kids don’t lose interest in exercising. You can do so by racing them while hiking some simple trails or challenging them to a game of ball. With slightly older kids, activity trackers can prove very helpful in setting the tone for some healthy and enjoyable competition.

Make It a Part Of Their Daily Routine

Physical activity should be a part of your children’s daily routine. This doesn’t have to be something overly complex. You could ask your child to start accompanying you for dog walks or ask them to join you for a quick jog in the evenings or on weekends. You could even plan bicycle excursions around your favourite parts of the town.

Keep Them Engaged With Active Toys

One of the best ways to keep your kids involved in any kind of physical activity is by providing them with plenty of active toys. Jump ropes, hula hoops, frisbees, and bikes are some active toys that you could get for your child. If you have some chalk lying around, you could simply play hopscotch.

We at Jungle Land can’t wait to see you and your little ones at our indoor playground indulging in the most fun form of exercise! Until we meet again, we hope our recommendations for summer activities keep your family entertained.