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3 Fun Summer Activities for Kids

June 02, 2021

With indoor playgrounds in Toronto still being off-limits, parents have to come up with innovative ideas to keep their kids engaged this summer. Also, children not being able to play with their friends, adds to the woes of many parents, as the impact of lack of social times is bound to upset the little ones. But as we learn to tackle the changes brought on by the pandemic, it’s important to have fun and soak in some sunshine. So here are a few summer activities that you could do with your kids.


Summer activities for children as we wait for indoor playgrounds to reopen



Gardening isn’t meant solely for adults, so make sure you get kids to participate and contribute. While it’s best to handle the heavy work yourself, you could let children dig holes, plant seeds, and water the plants. Gardening presents a great learning opportunity too. You can teach them the importance of air, water, and sunlight for the growth of plants. If their journey begins from seeds rather than saplings, they will also get to learn patience as they wait for the seeds to germinate.

Outdoor Finger Painting

Pack up a nice picnic lunch and art supplies to host a lovely brunch with a side activity of finger painting for your kids. You can show them how to mix colours to create new ones and also use online videos for design inspiration. This can be a great activity to enjoy quality time outdoors. You can get your Vitamin D supply and a pleasant picnic while watching your children have a blast with finger-painted art.

Rock Picking

If you decide to hike a trail with your child or get them to accompany you for a picnic brunch, you could ask your child to pick a rock (as long as the park has no restrictions on this). We recommend creating a whole story around that rock. If your kid has always wanted a pet, you could tell them how this rock could be their pet rock, while you observe if they are ready to bring home a furry animal. If pets are out of the picture, you could let them paint and decorate the rock to their liking.

As we all wait for the restrictions to be eased, we hope our virtual playdate ideas and activity recommendations for summertime fun help you and your kid enjoy the warm weather. We at Jungle Land hope to see you and your little ones at our indoor playground in Toronto soon.