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5 Tips to Host a Perfect Virtual Kid’s Birthday Party

April 09, 2021

A kid’s birthday party is a very exciting special occasion. Balloons, cake, gifts, and lots of friends and family have been a part of the typical conventional birthday party scene. However, with the pandemic and the new restrictions in place, being blessed by the physical presence of all your loved ones is not a possibility for the foreseeable future. As disheartening as that is, it shouldn’t be the reason for a kid to not have an enjoyable birthday party, don’t you agree? So Jungle Land has a few tips for you to plan a fun virtual birthday party for your kid.


How to host a virtual kid’s birthday party effortlessly


Plan the guest list

Planning a virtual party or otherwise, preparing the guest list is an essential step. Depending on your kid’s age, you can narrow down the people that you wish to invite. With very young children, we suggest sticking to a small circle of friends that your child usually plays with. You can even have two separate guest lists, one for friends and one for the close family so that no one feels overwhelmed with too much screen time.

Send an invite

Once you have finalized the list of people that you’d like to invite to your kid’s birthday party, don’t forget to send out the invites, as much in advance as you can. This will further help you to plan the party itinerary depending on how many guests accept the invite.  

Zero in on a platform

With a plethora of virtual platforms available, it’s important to choose the right one for your event. You don’t want to be dealing with frequent video call drops during a virtual party for kids, because, unlike adults, children are likely to lose interest quickly.   

Keep it short and sweet

While you may want to give your child a memorable birthday, it’s important not to get carried away by trying to include too many activities. Remember that most of the guests at this party would be young kids who probably don’t enjoy sitting in one place for too long. We bet a quick search on the internet would give you numerous ideas for virtual birthday parties for kids, but we recommend selecting a few and maybe having a couple of backup activities.

Conclude with cake cutting

When all the playtime activities are done, bring out the cake for the birthday kid to blow out the candles. This will make all the junior attendees feel that they attended a real birthday party. If possible, you could add a note to your invite requesting every guest’s parent to indulge their kid with a dessert at the end of the party so that no one feels left out!

When the summer sun is shining bright and the restrictions have eased up, you will finally be able to keep your promise to your kid about bringing them to Jungle Land. While we at Jungle Land eagerly wait to meet you again, we hope you have fun planning your kid’s birthday party virtually.