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Virtual Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

February 05, 2021

With pandemic restrictions affecting families all across the country, it is important for parents to make the most of the technologies available to continue to give their kids memorable experiences at home. With your kid’s birthday party coming up, there are plenty of virtual options that will ensure your children stay connected with others while staying at home.

Nowadays, there are many different platforms for you to utilize that while allow video chatting in mass. Options like Facebook, FaceTime, Google Hangouts, and Zoom are free and can be easily operated.


Here are some ideas for virtual birthday parties:


1. Dress-Up Competition

Host a fancy dress competition online! Video calling is a virtual medium so make sure to make use of that as much as possible. Have everyone dress according to a theme, or simply put on their best costume. Everyone can showcase their outfit through their webcams, and you can let your child be in charge of the judging. If you prefer not to have competitive element, you can also just have everyone dress up and enjoy each other’s company.

2. Play an Online Game

There are many online kid-friendly games available for free. Pictionary can be played online through a website called There are plenty of other fun and free online games as well. Instead of just focusing on one game, you can have a slew of games prepared, and have it be done tournament style where the person with the most wins and the end of the day gets a prize.

3. Virtual Tea Party

Have your child and their friends bring their stuffed toys or furry friends for a virtual tea party! Everyone can showcase their toy or pet, and have fun chatting with each other. You can establish a theme before, and have background decorations to enhance the mood and ambience.

When the restrictions are finally lifted, you can celebrate your kid’s birthday party at our indoor playground. But in the meantime, you can still give your kids a birthday party to remember at home.