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Your Guide to a Stress-Free Indoor Playground Experience

May 12, 2017

What could be a more fun and memorable venue for a kid’s birthday party than an indoor playground? Kids are free to play, run around and use their imagination – all of which are essential during childhood. Do you live just outside Toronto? Don’t fret, because there are many other options still available to you including Jungle Land here in Vaughan. Leave the mess and activity planning to us, the kid’s birthday party experts. There are however a few things you, as a parent, should know regarding etiquette and common “house rules”.

One way to look for this information is through parenting groups on social media, such as Facebook. You can also speak to those who have hosted their kid’s birthday party with us. The most important unspoken rule at Jungle Land is that we are a playground for all children – not a personal playground. We run a lively, communal place where everyone should share and behave respectfully.


We Believe in Safe Kid's Birthday Party Events!

Do you have sanitary or hygiene concerns? Many parents come prepared with hand sanitizer, wipes, treats and snacks. Our experts can also provide further guidance on what to pack. Other important tips to remember include ensuring your child has appropriate footwear that can be easily taken on or off for convenience, clothes you don’t mind getting dirty or a little worn, and an extra pair of socks. Another set of clothes to change into after playing is also a good idea. Finally, despite the fact that most children are already potty-trained, accidents can happen when they are distracted during playtime so plan accordingly!

In terms of mannerisms, we encourage sharing and fair play among children. Having your children play at Jungle Land is a good way for them to practice being polite and respectful while learning with others. This is a chance to teach character traits like empathy and having consideration. One of the challenges parents encounter during playtime at a kid’s indoor playground involves a difference of opinion with other parents. Parenting styles differ and are influenced by many factors, such as cultural background and environment. We suggest that you keep this in mind if you find yourself in a situation where you disagree with another parent. You are all there for the same purpose: to have fun and watch your children play!

Are you still on the fence about hosting your kid’s birthday party with us at Jungle Land? One of our enthusiastic representatives would be glad to answer your questions today! Give us a ring at 905-760-5565 to learn more about our different birthday party packages.