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Why Jungle Land Indoor Playground Is A Perfect Weekend Spot

September 13, 2022

Working parents often find it difficult to spend quality time with family. Their busy schedule on weekdays means that the only free time they get to spend with kids is on weekends. Parents are constantly searching for fun things to do on weekends to make sure the time they get to spend with the kids is memorable, and fun, and turns out to be a great bonding session for the family. Taking your kids to Jungle Land indoor playground is a great option. Jungle Land is a must-visit for families looking for a fun and safe place to spend quality time on the weekends. 



3 reasons Jungle Land is perfect for a fun weekend



No matter what the weather is like outside, Jungle Land indoor playground provides a comfortable and safe place for kids to play. As far as kids are concerned, there are very few things they enjoy more than playing. Our indoor play areas guarantee fun playtime for kids irrespective of the weather outside.

Personality development
Not only does our indoor play area provide a space for kids to indulge in physical activity, but they also offer an opportunity for cognitive and social development. No school on weekends doesn’t mean that kids should stop working on improving themselves during weekends. Kids can explore, meet new friends, and try new things in a safe environment at Jungle Land. It is a proven fact that playtime is associated with better cognitive development and motor skills.

Convenient location
Jungle Land is located in the heart of the city, making it easy for you to reach our location. We are located in Concord, ON, you can reach us using public or private transport with ease. Visit our website for the address and directions. You can also call us for directions or any other queries that you might have. You can also rent our venue for hosting fun birthday parties in Vaughan

Note: GREAT NEWS - We have reopened to the public on weekdays! Our regular business hours on Mon-Fri are 10 AM-6 PM, Sat-Sun 10 AM-7:30 PM. Please check on the Google Hours of Operation prior to visiting us as we sometimes close for private functions. Book the venue for birthday parties from Monday to Thursday at a discount of $50 (except the weekdays falling on PA Days, school holidays, or statutory holidays).