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Why Indoor Playgrounds Are Better Than Outdoor Playgrounds

July 25, 2022

There is enough data to substantiate the fact that kids perform better in all aspects of overall development when they indulge in physical activities. Doctors and health specialists recommend parents encourage their kids to include playtime in their daily schedule. 


All work and no play make kids prone to many health issues like poor cognitive growth, impaired social skills, and even obesity. Sometimes, parents living in cities are reluctant to encourage kids to go out and play. This is mainly due to the lack of safe areas for kids to play in. This is where indoor playgrounds prove to be extremely helpful.



3 reasons indoor play areas are better than outdoor playgrounds.



Safety is one of the biggest reasons for making indoor playgrounds a better choice compared to outdoor spaces. In cities with unprecedented urbanization and development projects, it is difficult to find dedicated areas guaranteeing safety where kids can play their hearts out. It is not uncommon to read about the unfortunate accidents involving kids due to playing outdoors. An indoor play area offers a safe space where kids can play to their heart's content.


Diverse options
A lack of options can be a problem when kids are playing outdoors. Since big cities usually lack dedicated playing areas, kids tend to play wherever possible. A lack of equipment and the right setting limit the options for kids. An indoor play area usually features numerous options for kids to play with, guaranteeing they do not get bored easily. 


All-year fun
Weather is not a constraint when your kids are playing in indoor play spaces. Heavy rains, snowfall, or heat waves can disrupt a kid's outdoor playtime. However, an indoor playground like Jungle Land provides your kids with a safe and fun space for playing throughout the year. 


Our jungle-themed play areas feature different attractions like trampolines, bungee spider web, ramps, spin plates, and spider climb tower among others. Call us today to book a slot at the best Toronto indoor playground


Note: We are not open to the public on weekdays. Guests can rent out the whole facility from Monday to Thurs from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM, 12:15 PM to 02:15 PM, and 02:30 PM to 04:30 PM. We are open to the public on weekends. Book the venue for birthday parties from Monday to Thursday at a discount of $50.