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What Researchers Have to Say About Playtime

February 06, 2020

Much has changed since the previous generation, especially when it comes to how children play. Researchers have discovered a unique disorder known as the "nature deficit disorder". As the name implies, it means that not interacting with nature, or even its imitation can be detrimental to kids. While playing video games and other play using computer and tablets can help develop some skills of your child, doing it for a long time without allowing them to play physically and creatively will do more harm than good. This is the reason Toronto indoor playground is designed in a way that promotes activeness and creativity in your little ones.


Another significant finding is that children who have been exposed to a setting that reflects nature or activities that can be done in nature, will lead to higher abilities of concentration and motor coordination compared to peers who are restricted to the perimeters of their home. 


This is why Jungle Land, an amazing Toronto indoor playground, is constructed in a way

that mimics how nature looks and works. 


Your kids will surely enjoy the activities similarly to how they would if they were in an outdoor environment. They can experience the fun and adventure that nature provides in a much safer way.


Finally, researchers also found out that the interaction with other kids during playtime is very valuable. Playtime encourages communication which will help them develop their social skills when relating to their fellow peers. Having real interactions with other kids is incomparable to friendships built through technology.  You can give this opportunity to your kids when you bring them to a Toronto indoor playground where young children of their age are most likely to be present. You are not only allowing your children to have fun but also giving them great opportunities to find amazing friends.