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Try a custom cake with your kids birthday party in Vaughan

September 09, 2016

Since you have chosen to have your kids birthday party in Vaughan at our Jungle Land facility, we can already tell you have a great interest in making sure your child's birthday is a special one. But how can you make that experience even better, and turn a fun afternoon into a memory your child can really cherish? It's a simple idea. 


It starts with cake.

A sample "Frozen" custom cake for a kids birthday party in Vaughan at Jungle Land
Kids birthday party in Vaughan frozen cake

The highlight of a birthday party can often be considered the cake. The kids and parents gather around to sing happy birthday to the lucky child and the focus is completely on them as they get to blow out their candles. Any child loves attention and their birthday is one of the few days of the year where the focus of all the major influential figures in their lives is on them. So while purchasing a custom cake might seem like a minor difference between any cake that simply tastes good, it really has a kind of exponential effect on the child's interpretation of the events. 

A well done custom cake can be very impressive visually and in many cases, children may not have ever seen a truly custom cake design before. This is very impressive for children and it really feels good for the child to feel admired when his friends and family can give sincere compliments about how cool and exciting their birthday cake is. Many children love to compare and a custom cake is something that can really set their party apart from other kids birthday parties in Vaughan. It's all about making the child feel special on their birthday.  

At Jungle Land, you can purchase a custom cake directly from us. We have partnered with Simply Sweets by Susy, an excellent cake designer and baker, to provide our cakes for every kids birthday party in Vaughan. All of our cakes are guaranteed nut-free, so you can feel safe if your child has a peanut or other nut allergy. We do not allow cakes that are not nut free onto the premises, so you can find peace of mind that the dining area is safe as well. 

We offer the following flavors of cakes:

  • Chocolate
  • Vanilla
  • Marble

You can also choose between a vanilla or chocolate filling. These butter-cream cakes come in 9" x 13" size and taste delicious. Your child will certainly love them. Check out some of our other custom cake designs in the past for ideas on what would be best for your child at their kids birthday party in Vaughn.

Curling cake for kids birthday party in VaughnCorina cake for kids birthday party in Vaughn