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Tips To Be The Perfect Virtual Guest At A Kid’s Birthday Party

May 27, 2021

Every child deserves to have a dream birthday party. With the pandemic and the restrictions brought on by it, the definition of a dream party has changed for most kids. Most parents are getting more creative when hosting their kid’s birthday party virtually. And while we agree that a virtual get-together isn’t the same as an in-person one, we also believe that only because an event is being hosted online, kids shouldn’t have to settle for lesser fun. If you’ve been invited to a kid’s virtual birthday party, we have some tips for you to be the perfect guest!


How to be a good guest at a kid’s virtual birthday party


Stick to the theme

A kid’s birthday party which follows a certain theme is nothing new to most parents. But when it has to be done via online platforms, it’s all the more important for all the guests to read the invite carefully and stick to the theme. If kids are requested to bring along their favourite animal toy for an animal-themed party or to wear a specific colour to coordinate with the theme’s colours, it’s crucial that you follow those instructions.

Follow any specific instructions mentioned in the invite

Unlike conventional birthday celebrations, virtual parties require a little extra participation and enthusiasm from everyone involved. So, if the invite specified to join the birthday party with a piece of paper and crayons, please make sure that you’re prepared. If it requests anything else, don’t forget to adhere to those requests, as this will be helpful to make the party a success.

Send a gift ahead of time

One just cannot deny how kids love gifts, and they shouldn’t lose out on that joy, don’t you agree? That’s why we recommend sending a gift to the birthday kid ahead of time, probably even as soon as you receive the invite to that kid’s birthday party. If the young one stays in your neighbourhood, you could even drop the gift on the curbside. If not, online gifting is always an option.

Jungle Land can’t wait to host functions for you and your little ones someday soon. And while we all wait for our doors to reopen, we hope that our tips to host virtual playdates and birthday parties keep your children entertained.