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The Relationship Between Playtime and Learning

January 12, 2022

A parent or guardian is most likely very familiar with the notion that children can learn while playing. An infant in their first year of life often interacts with others through play, and this stimulates their attention at the same time. While school is a main source of learning, the mind is usually isolated in this case, rather than steady physical activity being added for children and older students alike.


The importance of playtime for childhood learning is supported by the following benefits:

Increased Cognition

Cognition is all about stimulating the five senses, simultaneously or otherwise. In either outdoor or indoor playgrounds, children notably activate their cognition by putting sight, hearing, touch, smell, and tasting to work throughout the visit. With everyday play, children stimulate their mind, and awareness of the world, by trying to solve logical problems that play can introduce.

Physical Benefits

Both types of playgrounds will commonly have structures designed to stimulate the mind and body of children. Increasing heart rate during play, through running and climbing for example, is great for your child's cardiovascular health. Building on this, continuous exercise being a part of play helps increase their flexibility in a safer manner.

Spatial Awareness

Since children are often moving at high speeds and feeling excitement about activities, their spatial awareness is an important skill that grows during playtime. While their reflexes improve, they obtain a better understanding of the space and personal proximity. This helps move logical reasoning up a level.


One reason for children to spend time at a playground is to interact with other kids. As a result of children playing in pairs or groups, they’ll better understand the areas of socialization, conversation, and sometimes following what their peers do. 

Play In A Safe Indoor Playground

If the journey to an indoor playground in Vaughan seems like a great idea for your family, you can book private play sessions with us here at Jungle Land. While we’re closed until January 26th or possibly later, contact us today or browse our website to learn all about our venue!