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The Link Between Playtime and Good Behavior

November 02, 2018

The Link Between Playtime and Good Behavior

Parents who come to our indoor playground want to know that their kids are happy and healthy, so naturally we strive hard to provide an environment that is fun, safe, and interesting for kids. The link between playtime and good behavior is a much-discussed topic for those who follow child development trends. It turns out that our kids gain a lot from playtime. While they look like they are simply playing, children are actually building their social skills, problem solving, and fine-tuning their motor skills. What’s more, playtime helps kids de-stress after a tiring day of school. All these benefits help promote good behavior and a balanced, healthy lifestyle.

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Active children are happy children. Getting active increases the brain’s production of endorphins, which boosts feelings of well-being and reduces stress. Exercise improves outlook and regulates emotions. Notice that your kid is moody after sitting in front of a screen all day? That’s because being inactive stunts the release of endorphins, resulting in grumpy and restless children. Pent up energy is a recipe for acting out. Getting a daily dose of physical playtime, whether it’s at your local park, gym, or indoor playground, is a great way to burn off excess energy. A fun day of jumping, climbing, and swinging is a means of releasing all that energy that kids naturally have an abundance of.

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At Jungle Land, we work hard to make an indoor playground that both children and parents feel good about coming back to. We are firm believers that playtime, fun, and exercise are very important for little, developing bodies and brains. Nurturing children to explore and interact with their environment lays down the foundations for healthy patterns later on in life. As they grow, our kids cultivate more complex physical and mental needs. Catering to those needs is our top priority at Jungle Land, where children can have a great day to play and be themselves.