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The Importance of Imaginative Play

May 22, 2019

The Importance of Imaginative Play

As parents, we want our children to develop the proper critical thinking and social skills necessary to succeed in adult life. Part of ensuring your child cultivates these skills is by allowing them to explore their creativity through play. Limiting their screen time and getting them active may seem like a challenge in today’s tech-driven society. But a sure-fire way for your children to use their imaginations through play and have fun is by taking them to a Toronto indoor playground.


Today we’ll discuss how you can expand your child’s social development through the experience of play at a Toronto indoor playground.


The Role of Imaginative Play


Allowing your children to use their imaginations offers multiple benefits for their social development. The use of imagination is one way your child learns about their environment and the world around them. Through imaginative play, children begin to express themselves verbally (or non-verbally), form ideas, interact with materials, and take on different roles. It is also through imaginative play that children begin to develop critical thinking and social skills in how they manipulate materials and objects around them, or in the ways they interact with other children.


Expanding the Experience of Play at the Playground


Indoor playgrounds are the perfect environment for children to begin to cultivate these critical thinking and social skills. Allowing your child to use imaginative play in a playground setting will allow them to form critical thinking skills when maneuvering around playground equipment, and social skills when balancing ideas and expectations of other children with that of their own. Reciprocal communication, self-confidence, sharing, negotiation, cooperation, and teamwork are all fundamental skills necessary for navigating adult life. Orientation, sensory and texture awareness, planning, persistence, and risk taking cultivate your child’s critical thinking skills when interacting with playground equipment.


Finding a Suitable Toronto Indoor Playground


Now that you understand the benefits of imaginative play in a playground setting, finding a suitable Toronto indoor playground is the next challenge. Luckily, Jungle Land is the perfect environment for your children to practice imaginative play. With colourful equipment and opportunities to interact with other children in a safe environment, your child will be able to slowly cultivate their critical thinking and social skills at Jungle Land. Call us today to learn more Toronto’s only jungle-themed indoor playground.