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The Essential Guide to Planning Your Kid's Birthday Party

October 28, 2019

The Essential Guide to Planning Your Kid\'s Birthday Party

There’s no doubt that planning your kid’s birthday party can be a cumbersome task. Balancing the expectations of your child with the practicality of every part of the planning process can end up being more stressful than initially thought. Whether it’s figuring out the guest list, catering, and venue – it can be difficult to make every part come seamlessly together.


Luckily at Jungle Land, we are pros at assisting with the birthday planning process.


That’s why we’ve put together a handy guide for ensuring you’ve covered your party planning bases.


Choose a Theme


Before beginning the entire planning process, begin by selecting a theme. It’s likely that your child has something in mind, so it’s important that their voice is heard. Your theme will be the overarching structure that can aid in the decision-making process for other party planning components including party favours, loot bag items, venue, and even catering.


Guest List and Invites


Once you’ve chosen a theme for your kid’s birthday party, the natural next step is to choose a suitable date and time. If your child’s birthday is during the school year, it’s probably best to throw a party on the weekend to accommodate the schedules of your party-goer’s parents. Once you’ve set a time and date, you can proceed with handing out themed invites.


Pick a Venue


The next step is to figure out where you plan on having the party. For themed events, finding a suitable and safe indoor themed playground or kid-friendly venue would be ideal. Different venues will have different entertainment options. If you plan on having your child’s party at home, you’ll need to come up with a few activities to keep your kids occupied. Choosing an indoor playground allows you to kick back and relax, as your kids and guests spend time using the playground equipment.



Have Your Next Kids Birthday Party at Jungle Land


Jungle Land is the perfect solution for hosting your kid’s birthday party! Have a jungle themed party, and leave the fun and activities to us! With multiple birthday packages available, your child and party guests are sure to heave a blast. Call us today to learn more about our birthday package solutions!