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The Cognitive, Social, and Physical Benefits of Opting for an Indoor Playground Experience

March 21, 2019

The Cognitive, Social, and Physical Benefits of Opting for an Indoor Playground Experience

Playgrounds provide essential experiences for the development of children.


The benefits of a simple trip to an indoor playground in Toronto are more far-reaching than a surface-level understanding of the importance for kids to be active. Rather, playgrounds allow for cognitive, social, and physical benefits - making the playground an optimal environment in which to the overall health of your child.


Cognitive Benefits

Bringing your children to an indoor playground in Toronto allows for the promotion of a large range of dexterities, including coordination and motor skills, cognitive skills, social awareness, and language skills. Doctors, scientists, psychologists, biologists, and educators have all found that without the outlet of play - development of the necessary skills integral to growth are stunted.

Other studies suggest that the more mental stimulation a child receives at around the age of four – the more developed are the parts of the brain dedicated to language and cognition decades after. After studying a group of four-year-olds over a period of twenty years, scientists found that cognitive stimulation offered by parents at age four was a key factor in forecasting the development of the cortex of the brain, fifteen years later.


Social Benefits

There are a number of social benefits from your children playing with other children at an indoor playground in Toronto. Children learn social skills when interacting with other kids during play. Engaging in social activities such as make-believe, or ‘pretend’ allow children to try new ideas, identities, and formulate a stronger sense of self in defining their likes and dislikes.


Physical Benefits

The kids of today tend to spend more time sitting around more than ever before. It's difficult to get our kids away from their screens - whether it's the TV, a smartphone, a tablet, video games etc., the combination of too much screen time and physical activity can add to the ongoing issue of childhood obesity.


Everyone benefits from physical exercise - so it's really no secret that active children see multiple benefits from being active on a daily basis. As a general rule of thumb - parents should ensure that their kids get at least sixty minutes of moderate to vigorous activity every day. Benefits of daily physical exercise include the promotion of stronger muscles and bones, and a decreased risk of experiencing negative health effects associated with being overweight, such as a lower chance of getting type 2 diabetes, and lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels. 

In sum - engaging in play is a paramount and necessary activity to advancing your child's development. Opting for an experience at an indoor playground in Toronto is a great way to simultaneously promote the cognitive, social, and physical skills of your child while also ensuring they have fun doing so!