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The Benefits of Opting for an Indoor Playground Experience for your Children

January 08, 2019

The Benefits of Opting for an Indoor Playground Experience for your Children

Parenting is a highly rewarding experience, but can sometimes be tough. Having to navigate between balancing the needs of your children, your personal life, and your work life can prove to be difficult. Luckily there are outlets like Jungle Land that exist that allow you to multi-task such as opting for an indoor playground experience for your children.


Do More by Doing Less


Balancing work life and home life can be difficult, and may result in a lack of sleep and energy. Opting to bring your kids to an indoor playground is a great way to maximize ensuring they are active while allowing you to relax after a tough week. Our drop-off service is great for parents on the go. Do you have errands you need to run while your babysitter is out of town? No worries! Our child drop-off system is the perfect way for you to focus on your weekly tasks while providing a fun and stimulating outlet for your children.


Winters are Tough


Canadian winters are long and arduous, but that shouldn’t prevent your kids from getting in their exercise minutes every day. According to the Canadian Physical Activity Guidelines, growing children need at least 60 minutes of exercise a day. But it can be difficult to meet this guideline on a daily basis – especially in the colder months of the year. Cold weather warnings shouldn’t prevent you from getting exercise. Bring your kids to a Toronto indoor playground and ensure your kids get their exercise minutes in without having to worry about the weather!


Budget Friendly Outlet


Going out with your children can get pricey – having to pay for admission, snacks, and everything in between can be difficult for us who also have bills to pay. Luckily at Jungle Land, general admission will not break the bank. Your kids are able to have fun without you having to worry about maxing out your budget. With general admission between $10 and $15 dollars a child (depending on age), you can ensure that your kids will have a great time without having to allocate a large budget.


Finally, opting for a Toronto indoor playground experience for your children gives them something they can look forward to. Get your kids excited about visiting Toronto’s most impressive jungle playground with equipment like a ball pool, trampoline, bungee spider web, and many more! Our facility offers worry-free fun and offers a secure toddler area, high chairs, washrooms with baby-changing facilities, and soft warm floors throughout. Be sure to visit Jungle Land and make the most of your Toronto indoor playground experience!