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Spring Break Is Still Going Strong at Our Indoor Playground outside Toronto!

March 15, 2018

At Jungle Land, we have always prided ourselves on being the premier choice for any child’s party and site for general fun. Our indoor playground is just outside Toronto – in Vaughan – and it is the perfect site for a March Break day of fun. We have plenty of experience in running our indoor playground – Toronto has been happy to have us for years! –  and that expertise ensures that your kids are in a safe setting where they can enjoy a truly fun-filled day.


Spend a day at our indoor playground – get out of Toronto for a change!


As every spring break is a time for kids to enjoy their holidays, Jungle Land is an excellent indoor facility for your kids to spend and ensure their day is filled with fun activities. When you bring your child here, you allow them enjoy a wide array of energy-boosting playgrounds and fun-filled animal toys and mascots.

A facility such as ours is ideal when it comes to helping children grown and develop. Every day, we watch as children develop their social skills, curiosity, and sense of adventure. Each day, we watch as those children explore our facility, in private party rooms that you can book for any occasion, at our magic, bubble, and reptile shows, with our fun-loving mascots, and, of course, in our enormous, four-story jungle gym, filled with obstacles to climb up and slide down, and explore to their heart’s content.

At Jungle Land, we make an effort to make your day memorable. There’s still time left in Spring Break! And we’re open all year round if you can’t make it. Our indoor playground is outside Toronto – easy to find, where an amazing day is waiting for you and your children. Give us a call today to learn more!