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Spicing Up the Fun and Games

September 15, 2017

Make your kids birthday party more fun with plenty of activities, entertainment, and games. Kids have short attention spans which is why any kids’ birthday party must be planned in such a way that the games and entertainment remain in the spotlight. Kids love excitement, so you must be prepared to keep them busy at all times for your son or daughter's special day.

Charades is a great game that will not cost you a lot. All you need is two groups of kids, a timer, and pieces of rolled papers with a variety of words written on them for one team of the kids to imitate, and the other to guess. This game is great for both kids and adults.

Another good game to play at a kids’ birthday party is Simon Says. Kids have to follow all the orders that start with Simon Says and refuse to complete instructions that don't. It is an exciting and fun game that children will surely enjoy.


Musical Chairs is a party classic that never fails.


Make use of the available chairs and form them into a circle with the number of chairs a unit short compared to the total number of kids. The kids dance and walk around the circle of chairs until the music stops and each child has to find their seat. The child without a chair after the music stops is out of the game. This continues until only two children are left.

The best thing about these games is that they can be found at Jungle Land, an indoor children’s playground in Vaughn, which specializes in kids’ birthday party celebrations. Not only is the staff wonderful with kids, they have a fantastic jungle playground which is sure to keep everyone happy and occupied for hours.

For fun-filled birthday parties, call Jungle Land at 905-760-5565. We offer birthday packages for hassle free preparations and plenty of activities for your children.