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Safety Checklist for an Indoor Playground

August 27, 2021

To avoid accidents at an indoor playground, it is important that a set of safety measures be identified and followed. This way, kids can have fun while enjoying all of the positives that this venue has to offer. In general, indoor playgrounds should have no faulty equipment, dangerous surfaces, or unsafe behaviour. If visiting one is on your family’s radar, or if you and your kids love spending time in this type of space, read below for other safety features that must be prioritized.


Jungle Land’s indoor playground allows children to have a blast in a safe and active environment.


Spacious and Age-Appropriate

Large enough areas and space are necessary for indoor playgrounds to fit equipment without the result of children bumping into each other. In addition to the wide amount of space surrounding each play structure, ensuring that there are no hazards or pieces of rusty equipment in the area is key. Well-designed play spaces that match well with the age of the kids participating is also crucial, and the need to separate accordingly and closely maintain play areas, especially for younger kids, is always present.

Teaching and Monitoring

A critical piece of playground safety involves children being able to learn about responsible actions in this environment. With safety-related teaching, they will begin to understand the best ways to treat their playmates, as well as how to properly use different pieces of equipment. After each needed precaution is put in place, continuous monitoring is still a requirement in this case. Making sure adults can clearly see their kids while playing is among the many safety measures that are essential for indoor playgrounds.

The available features and safety protocols of an indoor playground can create a fun and exciting experience for kids. Browse our website and contact Jungle Land today to discover more about us!