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Preview of our Indoor Playground

January 25, 2017

Being one of the largest indoor playground facilities in the Toronto and Vaughan areas, we've put a lot of effort into creating the perfect environment for a child's birthday party.

So what's involved in our indoor playground? Everything a child could want.

We have a large variety of tunnels connecting the play areas for the children to use. We've received great reviews about our tunnel system, as not only are they effectively placed to get kids to their next activity FAST, but they also are created with built-in differences (such as solid tunnels in comparison to mesh tunnels as in the photo above). There is definitely a tunnel for every kind of child.

We also feature Toddler play areas for the younger generation to still have a great time. While parental supervision is definitely required, you can see in the above photo that the play area is safely and efficiently protected. You shouldn't have to worry very much about your Toddler while they are enjoying their time in the play area. From blocks, to a mini slide and other smaller toys - there is definitely something appealing to your Toddler in the play area provided.

 For those children a bit older than the toddlers...

There are ball pits available for the children as well. One of the most popular play areas in our entire facility is probably the ball pit. Children adore swimming in this wonderland of colorful plastic balls! Certainly, one of the traditional attractions for an indoor playground - but not at all less important or less critical than the other installations. See for yourself the quality of our ball pit compared to other areas.

Of course that's not all!

While we aren't able to feature every single aspect of our indoor playground in this article, we have a variety of other play instruments available. These include:

- A huge ball pit

- A trampoline

- A bungee Spider Web

- A spider climb tower

- FOUR gigantic wave slides

- Downward aerial glides

- A zip-line

- A huge sports field with a soccer net and soccer balls of various sizes