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Planning a Kid’s Birthday Party at an Indoor Playground

January 13, 2020

Planning a Kid’s Birthday Party at an Indoor Playground

The expense and effort needed to plan a kid’s birthday party can be quite overwhelming. This is why many parents choose to hold their child’s birthday celebration at an indoor playground like Jungle Land, where there is a nice space available with lots of fun-filled activities, pre-planned birthday packages, and staff on site to help you out.


With that said, there is still some planning needed from your end in order for your kid to have the most memorable day.


Today, we share some tips on how to take your kid’s birthday party to the next level.


1. Optimize your guest list

Make sure you invite your closest friends and family as this will greatly benefit socialization among the children. Talk to your child about how many people they would like to have at their party – some kids prefer smaller crowds, while some like having lots of people around them. At Jungle Land, our birthday packages allow you to rent up to four private rooms, which means we have the flexibility to accommodate any size of party.


2. Bring special gifts

You can really make your kid’s birthday party special by giving every guest a meaningful and memorable gift. Get your kid to help – you can make handcrafted gifts such as necklaces or cards out of recycled materials that commemorate the event and give your guests even more to smile about.


3. Get your kid’s input

By involving your kid in the planning process, not only are you guaranteed to come up with a theme that your child likes, you will also be training them to plan their own birthday parties in the future. Slowly but surely, your child will gain more independence and learn more about their own preferences.


At the end of the day, you can rest assured that most of the complexities of birthday party hosting will be managed by the Jungle Land team. You can make the most of the many services and amenities we provide and focus on enjoying the party with your child.