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Near Toronto, Our Indoor Playground Helps Develop Your Child’s Cognitive Skills!

August 17, 2018

Our facility is the best Toronto indoor playground there is. Located in Vaughan, we are immensely proud to offer you and your kids various amenities that include four private party rooms and lots more! These rooms can be extended to accommodate more guests if the rental space is not enough! Kids will definitely enjoy life-sized jungle animals, gigantic wave slides, and even our infamous spider climb tower, to name a few.


If you’re looking for the best Toronto indoor playground that provides multitudes of fun and benefits the wellbeing for your child – then look no further than our facility in Vaughan!


In addition to the 22 different activities that your child can enjoy, you can also watch a number of shows with your kids! From the Juggler show, to the Reptilia show, and the Bubble show, there’s lots to enjoy depending on your child’s interests!


Outside Toronto, our indoor playground has a vast number of activities for your child to enjoy. We also have the best and highest safety standards in the business. That is why we can guarantee, along with your supervision, safety and fun for your children.


Here are a few cognitive benefits that your child can get from play:


  • Growth of Brain Cells: Research shows that play, especially physical play, show increased levels of BDNF, a brain-derived neurotrophic factor that is essential for the growth of brain cells. This means that your child’s brain develops as they play!
  • Greater attention to academic tasks: Your child is willing to focus more on academic tasks and devote more time for study if they are given enough opportunities to play. As long as they are allowed to play even for brief moments of time, then they can actually reap cognitive benefits from it!
  • Creative problem solving: Playtime can expose a child to various challenges and opportunities to come up with creative solutions. Thus, our unique obstacles and puzzles will help sharpen their minds and create solutions when it comes to solving problems!


Near Toronto, at our indoor playground, we have the finest levels of versatile entertainment to offer to you and your child. Through 22 unique activities, we can promise you that your child will be happily involved and improving on social skills, physical prowess, and cognitive abilities.