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Kids Are Raving About Their Birthday Playdate at Indoor Playgrounds

November 22, 2019

How can parents make their child’s birthday party an occasion to remember? Planning a playdate party at an indoor playground instead of the usual cake-and-candle-at-home affair might just be the solution!

The indoor jungle themed playground at Jungle Land provides ample private space for your child’s birthday party.

Here are three reasons that might sway you into celebrating your loved one’s birthday at an indoor playground:

1) Almost Everybody’s Invited!

A well designed play area can accommodate a child’s birthday party with a headcount of 30-40 child guests, giving your child plentiful leeway to invite their friends, classmates, and other kids in the family.

Convenience like this alleviates parents from the headache of setting up decorations and reallocating furniture to accommodate everyone that may want to be invited.

2) Let Your Theme Ideas Run Wild

The idea and the reality of a theme for a birthday party can lead to troublesome interactions between a child and parents.

Woes like this are cast aside at an indoor playground like Jungle Land, boasting an extensive private play area where family and friends are encouraged to bring the themed party ware of their choosing – our party hosts will even make sure to lend a helping hand with decking out the room, just make sure to be present before your guests are scheduled to arrive. We can also pair your theme with the main delicacy – the birthday cake! Check out our gallery of customized cakes to see for yourself.

On top of this, we can also arrange for the playground’s appropriate theme mascot to make an appearance on their special day!


3) Using Play as an Intermediary for Valuable Lessons

The most important lessons imparted throughout childhood usually traces back to moments while playing. Themed playgrounds can be seen as an indispensable tool for play therapy, all the essentials, such as teamwork, sociability, and cooperative problem solving, are there to avoid children keeping to themselves.


Bring Family and Friends Closer Together

Take the stress and inconvenience out of celebrating your child’s birthday at home or a restaurant. Instead, give your loved one a birthday they won’t soon forget by making it a fun, active, and engaging experience for not only them but also their friends.


If you’re in the stages of settling on a venue, consider Jungle Land. We have play areas at our indoor playground dedicated for this exact reason, which is why we’ve been awarded the accolade for being one of the top three amusement parks in Vaughan. Don’t hesitate to reach out and book your slot!