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Key Features of an Indoor Playground in Richmond Hill

November 03, 2016

It’s already November and the weather has quickly begun to chill. The opportunity to host outdoor events and birthday parties is slowly becoming impractical as the temperature drops. So what is the alternative? While there are many indoor playgrounds available, not everyone takes full advantage of the possibilities. Any indoor playground in Richmond Hill that especially cares about their customers has a few key features in common. What are they?

Unique Theme

Richmond Hill is a decently expansive city, and because of that there are a number of entertainment attractions available in the town. If you are looking for a generic indoor playground in Richmond Hill than you have a ton of options available to you. However, there are much better alternatives available. A specialized kid’s indoor playground will create a longer lasting memory with your child by providing something new and different that they have not experienced before. We’d like to think our playground at Jungle Land is a great example of an indoor playground in Richmond Hill with a strong theme. The children who attend our center enjoy playing with the animals & animal decorations just as much as the playground itself.


Friendly Staff


One of the surprisingly under-looked parts of discovering a new indoor playground is getting to know the staff. While you as a parent will certainly be supervising your own birthday party, you can’t possibly pay attention to every child at all times. No matter what center you book, you will have to rely on the staff to help you out at times with the organization of the party. That’s why it’s vital to know for yourself that the staff is friendly and reliable before your party starts. One of the worst outcomes is to realize the support staff you thought you could rely on are unhelpful. That’s unnecessary stress on your shoulders. An indoor playground that stresses excellence will make it clear from the very start that the staff is on your side. That’s one of our goals at Jungle Land.


I would say that these two points are the absolute most important features when looking for an indoor playground within Richmond Hill. Keep them in mind next time you are investigating indoor playgrounds (and be sure to keep Jungle Land in mind as well)!