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Indoor Playground Richmond Hill – Comfort & Wellbeing

June 30, 2016

How do we provide a creative setting at our Richmond Hill indoor playground? It starts with creating a fun environment that is safe for everyone. According to child behavior studies, kids are more effected by their environment than we realize. Building a nurturing place where kids feel safe to explore and interact with their surroundings is fundamental to healthy development and self-esteem.

When stepping into a new and unfamiliar place, several questions race unconsciously through a child’s mind:  


  • What is this place?
  • Do I belong here?
  • Am I safe?

An environment that is carefully catered to a child’s sense of wellbeing helps to ease the stress of being in an unfamiliar place. Our indoor playground in Richmond Hill has soft floors, good lighting, dynamic colors, jovial animal mascots, and a ton of fun activities because a child that feels at ease in their environment is more likely to feel more comfortable, feel less stress, engage with their surroundings, and approach new friends.

How do children make sense of their environment? Studies have found that children try to understand what places are for. Is this a loud place or a quiet place? Should I hold a parent’s hand? Their minds categorize sensory cues like sounds, smells, and images. They can recognize a playground as a fun place, or smell mom’s cooking and associate it with home and comfort. A child’s forming brain works hard to create links between recognizable cues as it grows; this is an important aspect of emotional maturity. Children like to know how a space works, what people do inside, and what activities happen. Spaces with a specific purpose such as a school, park, or fire station are easy to recognize and understand.

In today’s fast-paced world, children are spending more amount of time outside the comfort of home than ever. That is why it is important that these spaces cater to kids and promote a sense of comfort and well-being. At our indoor playground in Richmond Hill, Jungle Land recognizes the needs of children. We strive our very best to make a joyful setting they will be happy to come back to.