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How To Send Virtual Wishes To A Kid’s Birthday Party

June 28, 2021

Parents love to make their kid’s birthday party a very special occasion in their lives. However, with the pandemic restrictions, birthday celebrations are not what they used to be. Parents have been getting creative with hosting virtual parties, but guests are often confused about how to send their love and wishes. We at Jungle Land believe that birthdays should be memorable and so here are a few tips on how you could help with that.

How to share meaningful wishes virtually for a kid’s birthday party

Send a video compilation

You could get together with the parents of the kids invited to the virtual party and compile a video featuring short messages from all the kids. Or if you have enough pictures of the birthday kid, you could put them together in a video with some easy-to-read text. Children who enjoy screen time would absolutely love this idea!

Gift digitally transmissible goods along with a message

Every child celebrating a birthday loves receiving gifts on that day. If they're into video games or watching movies/cartoon shows on streaming services, you could send digitally transmissible goods along with a birthday message.

Order gifts to be delivered to their house

Online shopping has certainly made life easier. While celebrating the birthday together may not be an option at the moment, you could order something for the birthday kid, and include a short and sweet note with it. So even if you don’t get to attend the party, the child will know that you are still thinking about them.

Send an email with a birthday card

For kids who can read and write, an email attached with an online greeting card could be a good gesture, especially if that child enjoys reading or loves collecting birthday cards.

While Jungle Land is currently closed, we can’t wait to celebrate your kid’s birthday at our facility very soon. Until then, we hope our tips help you and your friends throw a fun birthday bash for your little one.