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How to Plan Your Child’s Birthday Party

April 24, 2017

Food and entertainment are the most important aspects of planning a child’s birthday party in Vaughan. We offer some guidance for parents to help them plan ahead and minimize stress.

The food that will be served should be simple and something the kids will find fun. Keep in mind the following when planning the menu:

1.Pick a common favourite: Children can be picky eaters, but in general are quite easy to please with party favourites like pizza. Here at Jungleland we keep it simple by offering pizza (your choice of cheese or pepperoni), cupcakes, cake, and juice.

2.Allergies: Food allergies among children are growing - common allergens include nuts and gluten. This is why at Jungleland we operate under a strict peanut and nut free environment. We prioritize the safety and well-being of each family and child that visits us.

3.Presentation: Be creative and fun with this! The presentation of the food should be fun and colorful. For example, you can serve food in colorful plates and serving dishes. Plan your child’s next birthday party in Vaughan with us at Jungleland and you can pick one of our themed party packages!

4.Adults: Adults should have fun too! Did you know that adults have free entry at Jungleland? We also offer unlimited coffee and tea as part of any birthday package.

5.Snacks: There should be finger foods available as snacks. Remember that it will be easier to clean up food that requires less preparation. If you host your party with us, we’ll take care of the mess and clean up after – words we know are music to any parent’s ears!

6.Amount of food: Don’t prepare too much. The kids will get distracted playing, having fun and consequently they’ll eat less. At Jungleland we take care of this for you and our expert staff will ensure there is an appropriate amount of food available.

7.Serving the food: To ensure there will be no spills and food accidents, serve the kids their own food and only place small amounts. Host your party with us and you won’t have to worry about having the right amount of food, or about the cleanup!

In terms of entertainment, it is good to plan ahead. Party games are typically active and encourage physical activity. At Jungleland, we offer the perfect place for energetic children who love to run around: this includes a ball pit, trampoline and slides. Parents can join in on the fun or watch from our comfortable seating area.

If you’re looking for a stress-free alternative to host your child’s next birthday party in Vaughan, visit us at Jungleland! We offer several birthday party packages that can be tailored to suit your needs, as well as a variety of activities to cater to all your guests.

Happy planning!