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How to Pick the Best Indoor Playground in Toronto

July 14, 2017

When shopping around for an indoor playground for an event or family fun-day, you need to be sure you get the best value for your money. Doing your research is very important – the internet can be a treasure trove of information. To match the facilities offered at indoor playgrounds in Toronto to your needs, you must have a clear outline of what it is you require for your kids. A few tips for choosing the perfect indoor playground in Toronto for your children include:

Tips for Choosing Indoor Playgrounds in Toronto


Size Matters!

Kids love exploring. They want to comb over every nook and cranny of a new play area so they can familiarize themselves with their surroundings. Renting out the biggest playground you can find provides your little guests with the ultimate adventure experience on their day out. Bigger really is better when it comes to indoor playgrounds. 

Get the Full Package

A complete package should address all your core requirements. This means having the right amenities in the right place as needed. For birthday and celebratory events, it is important to have enough attractions to match the itinerary of the day.

Look for Special Attractions

While a playground by itself is fine, children need something extra to keep themselves entertained. Great indoor playgrounds in Toronto offer additional attractions like costumed characters from the children's favourite TV shows and movies, yummy treats, and fun activities or games. 

As you shop around for the best indoor playground in Toronto, you need to keep these tips in mind. Jungleland, for example, has a range of attractions at our playground. These, paired with our even more attractive pricing packages for birthdays and other celebrations, as well as the many awesome characters and events we offer our guests make us one of the best indoor playgrounds Toronto has to offer.