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How to Ensure Children’s Cognitive Development Through Playtime

August 11, 2022

It is no secret that playtime is essential for children's overall development. For generations, parents and experts have known that playing helps kids learn important skills like problem-solving, social interaction, and creativity.


Researchers have found that there may be a correlation between the amount of time spent playing and a child's skill development. The more a kid engages in extracurricular activities like drawing, painting, and playing, the better their cognitive development compared to kids who do not engage in such activities.


The right outdoor settings are difficult to find today, especially in big cities like Toronto. Jungle Land, one of the best Toronto indoor playgrounds, offers the perfect environment for kids to play their hearts out.

How To Encourage Your Children To Play And Make Friends

Limit screen time
Increasing screen time is one of the biggest problems among today's kids. Everything from online lessons and Youtube videos to games and watching movies lead to children consuming more content through mobile. There are several pieces of research indicating the ill effects of increased screen time and its long-term impact on kids. Limiting your child's screen time is one of the first steps in encouraging your kids to go out and play. 


Create ideal settings for children to play
As a parent, taking the effort and creating the ideal setting for your children to make friends and play is crucial. Taking your kids to the park once a week or clearing your backyard are all ways you can encourage your kids to get out and play. It is also highly recommended to take your kids to an indoor playground a few times a month to let them play and make friends in a safe environment. Jungle Land is one of the leading Toronto indoor playgrounds.


We have an expansive play area that meets safety standards. From slides and trampolines to a mini basketball court and spin plates, our indoor play area is full of fun activities for kids. You can also host fun kid's birthday parties at Jungle Land.


GREAT NEWS - We have reopened to the public on weekdays! Our regular business hours on Mon-Fri are 10 AM-6 PM, Sat-Sun 10 AM-7:30 PM. Please check on the Google Hours of Operation prior to visiting us as we sometimes close for private functions. Book the venue for birthday parties from Monday to Thursday at a discount of $50 (except the weekdays falling on PA Days, school holidays or statutory holidays).