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How Playing with other Children Helps Child Development

June 19, 2019

Since the development of the psychological and sociological study of children, experts have stressed the importance of child socialization – not just in terms of the socialization a child is exposed to in the home, but also the aspect of socializing with other children. Jungle Land’s indoor playground in Toronto provides a safe, clean, and fun environment for children to socialize with one another, encouraged by their environment’s emphasis on imagination, exploration, and physical activity.


What Are the Advantages of Playing with Other Kids?


While socializing with parents and other family members is crucial to the intellectual and emotional development of a child, socializing with other children is equally important, especially when done in an environment of play. Play has amazing benefits for the individual such as the development of cognitive skills, memory, creativity, and social skills in the world beyond the home.


  • Cooperation and Love – Children learn the value of cooperation and sharing through interaction with one another. Children who are isolated from their peers may even develop traits of selfishness and dissociation.
  • Consideration and Empathy – Concern, sympathy, and eventually, empathy, are skills that are essential to a child’s socialization. They can learn to put themselves in others’ shoes and see things from different perspectives.
  • Loyalty and Trust – Two of the most important values that a child must learn are loyalty and trust. By playing with others, they can learn basic respect, and from there develop notions of the meaning of trust and loyalty.



Our indoor playground in Toronto is the perfect place for your child to be exposed to interaction with other children.


Negotiation, compromise, cooperation, and even confrontation are all useful social skills that will become crucial when a child ages. Finding commonalities and learning about other interests from other children will help open their minds and expose them to the possibilities of the world.

Jungle Land’s indoor playground in Toronto has excellent facilities for group activities. Contact us today to learn more about our packages and activities!