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How Do You Make a Great Indoor Playground Even Better? Easter Eggs.

March 29, 2018

Everything is more exciting when you’re a child – Christmas is more exciting, growing up and getting a job is much more exciting, and Easter is quite a bit more exciting for our children. As adults, there isn’t a whole lot to “celebrate” in that same way; Easter is largely a spiritual holiday, or a time to spend with family. For our children, however, the Easter bunny reigns supreme, and our indoor playground at Jungle Land is more than ready to share in the excitement.


Come visit our indoor playground on Friday, March 30th, 2018, for our 11:00AM Easter Egg Hunt!


If you’ve been to our facility before, you should have no trouble imagining the many, many places the Easter Bunny can hide his Easter eggs where they may never be found, except by the most curious (not to mention the most agile) of young children. If you haven’t, then this is probably one of the more exceptional days to plan a visit, and we would love for your children to take part in our egg hunting activities!

All children, from infants to age seventeen, are welcome to join in the fun! Admission ranges from eight to fifteen dollars, depending on the child’s age, or free for infants accompanied by siblings – just remember to bring your own baskets to haul your exciting finds home with you! There’ll be Easter fun across our indoor playground, and something for everyone who joins us!

Before you settle down to your Easter festivities, feel free to visit our indoor playground, located just outside Toronto in the Vaughan area, for a morning and early afternoon filled with all kinds of fun and adventure for your children. There will be Easter eggs, prizes – and, of course, our entire playground facility to play in, which makes for a guaranteed awesome day.