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Happiness is Key at Our Toronto Indoor Playground

July 29, 2016

There is one thing that all parents who bring their children to our Toronto indoor playground have in common: they want their kids to be happy. Happiness is something every parent wishes for their son or daughter, both in childhood and as he or she grows into adulthood. But how to achieve happiness? It is a very simple concept that can be difficult to attain. Philosophers have been trying to narrow down the root of happiness since the dawn of time. In modern times, behaviorists and sociologists study happiness and write countless papers accounting for its conditions, patterns, and universality.

Why is being happy so important, anyway? Well, aside from the obvious reasons, happy people tend to: 


  • Be more confident
  • Build more meaningful relationships
  • Have more success in school and work
  • Suffer less stress
  • Sleep better

While it is difficult to pinpoint a concrete cause, there are standout patterns that happy childhoods have in common:

Good communication. Kids who grow up with parents who openly and respectfully communicate tend to be happier and socially competent. Encouraging good communication in a home between parents, children, and siblings sets an example that kids will follow. A child’s developing brain is slowly trained to work things out with words rather than crying, screaming, or throwing a temper tantrum to get what he or she wants.

Playtime. Both physical and creative activity is very important for children. Playtime develops their motor skills, social skills, and provides an outlet for pent up energy. Providing a child with options is a great way to encourage physical activity, whether it is going swimming, playing on a little league team, or visiting a Toronto indoor playground. Raising happy kids is all about being flexible. 

Exploration. Children who are encouraged to explore and interact with their environment grow up more self-confident, curious, and analytical. That is why we try our best to provide a fun and safe environment at Jungle Land, our premier Toronto indoor playground. Having an expansive play area full of interesting activities around every corner promotes healthy exploration. And best of all, our playground is a safe place so parents need not worry.