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Fight the Winter Blues at Our Indoor Playground in Toronto

November 25, 2016

Is your family feeling down or tired as cold weather rolls in? They may have a case of the winter blues! Try a dose of fun at our indoor playground in Toronto. A lot of people remark feeling despondent in the winter months; it is a phenomenon that strikes people of all ages. The combination of chilly temperatures, grey dreary days and long nights can make some people feel really down. These symptoms have a specific name—seasonal affective disorder, which is recognized by doctors as a diagnosis that affects approximately 6% of the population.  

Seasonal affective disorder is linked to a sensitivity to decreased sunlight. Shorter daylight hours mean a decrease in levels of serotonin (the brain chemical responsible for mood regulation). As a result, some adults and children experience the symptoms of seasonal affective disorder in the winter months. The symptoms leave as spring rolls in and the amount of daylight returns back to normal.

Symptoms can include:

  • feeling sad
  • bad attitude
  • low energy
  • decrease in social behavior
  • changes in sleep pattern
  • changes in appetite

As a parent, it can be tough to watch your little one struggle with these symptoms. Is there anything that we can do to help them out? Recent studies show that there are ways that individuals prone to the winter blues can alleviate their symptoms. While the symptoms may not go away entirely during winter, lessening their influence is very helpful.

Combating seasonal affective disorder:


  • increased light exposure  
  • getting exercise
  • eating healthy
  • more communication
  • more family time

With cold weather and shorter days approaching fast, it can be hard to keep the winter blues away. Our indoor playground in Toronto tries to bring some bounce back in your step. An increased exercise routine has been linked to decreased seasonal affective disorder symptoms, especially when combined with a healthy diet and more communication with family and friends. When opting for an indoor playground, Toronto moms look for a creative environment with a focus on safety and fun. At Jungle Land, we pride ourselves on being the best indoor playground in the city.