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Etiquette for Invitations to a Birthday Party in Vaughan

September 30, 2016

If you have a child who is starting to go to daycare, preschool classes or regular school then there is one thing that parents should be prepared for at all times – attending a kids birthday party in Vaughan. Once your kid has settled in, the next thing you know you will be receiving birthday party invitations left and right from their classmates. Some may think that a kid’s birthday party in Vaughan are just simple events that no one should fuss about just as long as there are balloons, cake and presents.

Nowadays, hosting and attending a kids birthday party in Vaughan is more than just that. There are money issues that should be considered such as the amount of the gift that you should give or expect, the appropriate money that should be allotted for gift bags and how to handle presents for your child that are just too expensive for their age range. Here are some tips to help you deal with these issues:

  • If you are the host, there is no law saying that you should invite the entire class. Depending on the class size, this can be costly. If you would find a guideline useful, it is common to add only a number that is one higher than the celebrants age. If the kid celebrating will turn 5 then invite only 6 friends. If you are not planning to invite everyone then tell you're child to keep the party a secret - though this can be hit or miss with children!
  • It may be the digital age but party invitations should still be sent using paper. Not only is it more personal, but it's actually less likely to get lost. Emails should however also be used as a reminder to the invited guests if possible.
  • There should be specific date for the RSVP and a phone number where they can call. A week before the event, phone those who haven’t contacted you and ask in a friendly manner if their child is coming to the party to get an accurate head count. It'll save you a lot of trouble to know this number in advance.
  • While it may be a good idea to open presents during the party, remember that the little guests might want to have a good look and play with the shiny new toys and might lead to broken or lost ones before the party is over. If you decide to open at the location, make the kids understand that they will be getting their own party favors after the party and the gifts are for the birthday child to use.
  • You might feel that a certain gift is too expensive for a child but it is never proper to return a gift. Accept it with the same enthusiasm as the other gifts and explain to your kid that he or she has received an extra special present. Personally saying thank you to the giver is also the best way to say thanks.
  • Goody bags are often found in kids’ birthday party - but it is not a requirement. You can send the children home with your home baked goodies or a cup filled candies as an easy replacement.
  • If your child is attending a party, remember that there is no guide in gift giving. Spend within your budget. It helps to know what the child likes so the present will be something he or she will enjoy.