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Escape The Cold Weather and Join Us at Our Indoor Playground in Vaughan

March 12, 2019

The weather outside is frightful. Stepping outside means bundling up your kids in hats, scarves, jackets, snowpants, boots, and more. As difficult as playing outside in the winter may be, your kids still have lots of energy! Jungle Land, a large indoor playground in Vaughan, is a great option for your family when it’s not nice out.

Here are 5 reasons why a fun indoor playground is a great way to escape the cold:


A Comfortable Place to Play

In the summer, kids love to play outside. When the weather is cold and icy, it may not be safe or enjoyable for them to do that. Since kids are always filled with energy, Jungle Land is a great option for those winter months. Our huge playground includes slides, trampolines, a climbing tower, and more. Kids will have a blast playing in a warm, comfortable, and safe indoor playground in Vaughan.


A Place to Explore

Jungeland isn’t just your conventional playground. Our facility is a jungle for kids to explore, featuring life sized jungle animals, a bungee spider web, and stunning jungle décor. Kids always have a blast exploring our jungle landscape, and learning a thing or two about animals along the way.


Your Peace of Mind

As a parent, you want your child be safe and have fun. The winter weather can make that difficult. You may worry that your child will get cold or that they might slip on ice. Jungle Land can put your mind at ease. Our facility is warm and clean, with soft warm floors throughout. We have a secure toddler area, high chairs, and baby changing facilities. You can relax while your kids have fun.



According to the Canadian Physical Activity Guidelines, school-age children (age 5-11) should get at least 60 minutes of physical activity every day. When it’s cold out, kids end up staying indoors for most of the day. Their schools may even switch to indoor recess in poor weather. Jungle Land is a great place for your kids to run around, have fun, and experience a nice change of pace during the winter months.

These are just a few of the reasons why visiting a fun, indoor playground in Vaughan is a great option for your family this winter. Join us for day of fun and exploration.