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Current Visiting Requirements at Jungle Land

October 01, 2021

When organizing an event or a kid’s birthday party, one consideration is where the activities will take place. During a pandemic, there are benefits to hosting the get-together in a fully sanitized and safe indoor playground. Jungle Land offers a wide range of activity and performer options, with the ability to design a fun party package or private session that matches your needs in an ideal way.


Looking for a safe venue to host an event or birthday party for your child? Read below for the current options provided by Jungle Land:


Birthday Party Packages

Our centre has implemented a set of protocols to ensure the safety and well-being of each guest and staff member. With the premises being equipped with multiple hand sanitizing stations and the presence of safety reminders throughout the facility, you’ll have better peace of mind when booking your private party at Jungle Land. Birthday parties are hosted on weekdays and weekends, and for those taking place from Monday to Thursday, there's a $50 discount (with holidays as an exception). On weekends, no guests from the general public will be permitted outside of party goers. Lastly, each party involves a length of two hours, and children can spend lots of time on our expansive maze during this period.

General Admission

To further ensure the safety of visitors and staff, our indoor playground has switched to Weekday Private Play Groups. Guests will be allowed to enter the venue if they’ve pre-booked and prepaid for their own play session, which is privately held. Two-hour playtimes can be booked at Jungle Land, where the space is kept entirely clean and sanitized with all safety protocols in place. These visits can include up to 15 guests, and each private session must be prepaid and pre-booked. Importantly, we do not permit the overlap of birthday party celebrations with playgroup visits.

Contact us today for more information about our guidelines, and how Jungle Land can create an amazing experience that focuses on the safety of all in our indoor playground!