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Celebrate the End of Summer at Our Indoor Playground this Labour Day Weekend!

August 31, 2018

With summer coming to an end and school right around the corner, your child may be feeling a bit down. Get them ready and excited for the new school year by surprising them with a trip to our indoor playground! At Jungle Land, we can prepare your child for the exhilarating and daunting school year with one word: fun.


Defeat the end of summer blues with a trip to our adventurous indoor playground, Jungle Land!


Three key ways our indoor playground will help prepare your child for the first day of school:


  • Social Stimulation: Our playground is the best place to continue developing your child’s social and communication skills by allowing them to meet new children around their age. The first day of school is full of new kids, new teachers, and new experiences, so it’s important to help your child be ready for the changes to come.
  • Memorable Stories: Kids remember the last week of summer than they do the first. Giving them an extra special day of fun will give them an exciting story to share with their new classmates. Our 22 unique and fun activities will sure give your child a lot to talk about.
  • Physical Activity: The days before school are full of nerves and these can cause restless nights of sleep. Our playground is full obstacles, ramps, ladders, slides, and more to promote physical activity that will help your child shake their nerves off. Your kids will be exhausted from an exciting day of climbing, trampolining, and more, and have a goodnights sleep before the first day school.


We understand how stressful the last few weeks of summer are for your kids, with the back-to-school shopping and the pre-school year jitters, which is why we invite you down to our indoor playground and end the summer vacation off with a wild time at Jungle Land!