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Building an Indoor Playground at Home for Your Kids

November 26, 2020

This year has been quite a roller coaster ride. Health and safety regulations are as strict as ever, as kids are left with limited access to their favourite indoor playground.


Not to worry, Jungle Land is here to tell you that your kids can still look forward to staying active and having fun at home! Consider the following when building a kids' playground at home.

Safety First

At Jungle Land, we put your children's safety as our #1 priority, and so should you. Cover the floor of your indoor playground with play matts. Use foam tubes or pool noodles to wrap up any metal posts and corners. Bright eye-catching colours should be used for increased visibility. Kids also love the colours. Lastly, make sure to remove all tripping hazards such as uneven surfaces and loose fabric.

Where to Start

With all the jumping and running the kids will be doing, it's a good idea to make sure to build your indoor playground in a wide-open space. The basement is the most common option that comes to mind. Since the basement is part of the foundation for your house, you won't have to worry about the kids damaging your floor.

What to Build

Depending on the size of your home, you may choose to build a simple jungle gym or a mini obstacle course. You may look to install a slide or even a ball pit. A childhood favourite is building a castle on the couch with pillows and blankets. Adding some stuffed animals around the playground also adds a sense of wonder for the kids as well!

No Room in the House

Backyard activities are the next best alternatives to staying safe and active at home. In the summer, install a swing, trampoline or even pick up a new sport with the kids. Build a snowman together in the winter and have it guard your kid's new snow fort.

Although access is limited, Jungle Land is open for private playgroups of 10 (5 children and 5 adults) on weekdays (and weekends until Dec 31, 2020). Contact us to learn more about how we can keep you and your kids safe and have fun at the same time.