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A Comparison of Outdoor and Indoor Playgrounds

January 26, 2022

If you ask children, they'll likely let you know that they have fun on both outdoor and indoor playgrounds. On the other hand, adults may lean towards either type because each have their own pros and cons.


Here’s a closer look at playgrounds, as well as other kinds of play, that are safe for your child to enjoy:


Indoor Play

While many children love playing video games and watching videos, there is much more that can be done inside. Arts and crafts, board games, puzzles, and movement-based toys within a home are great examples of indoor play. Much like an indoor playground, they encourage creativity and critical thinking, while the controlled environment makes them safe options for children.

Outdoor Play

Before indoor play options expanded alongside technology and comfort, outdoor activities were likely a go-to for kids. Currently, playgrounds, sandcastles, hiking adventures, and more can be chosen to provide fun for a child. Playing outside lets children explore the environment, at the same time physical capabilities and mental wellbeing are impacted positively. Plus, it gives them a chance to learn from their experiences, especially if minor injuries occur from time to time.


Although indoor and outdoor play can bring pros and cons with them, an important note is that certain weather conditions will keep families from visiting an outdoor playground for instance. An excellent choice takes the form of indoor playgrounds, based on their well-designed equipment, controlled environment, and all-season accessibility.

Choosing an Indoor Playground

At Jungle Land, visitors can pre-book and prepay for a private kid’s birthday party or play session. To learn more about our venue, how to schedule a visit, and what to expect when the day arrives, browse our website or contact us today! While we’re closed until January 26th or possibly later, we’d love to organize a great experience for your family and friends in the near future.