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4 Timeless Venues To Pre-Plan The Best Birthday Party in Vaughan

February 23, 2021

This winter, your child’s birthday party in Vaughan will mostly likely be celebrating at home. Having a virtual party with your child’s closest friends can be a great way to celebrate in the moment, but it can also serve the purpose of building excitement for a future in-person event to keep the celebration going. Who wouldn’t want to celebrate their birthday twice? Pre-planning an in-person event for your child’s birthday takes away any last minute stress when it comes to parties, and also gives your child and their friends something to look forward to when it’s safe to gather again. Here are four suggestions for future events that will have your child excited to celebrate their birthday:


Spring or Summer Time Picnic in the Park

Having a birthday party in Vaughan's parks during the spring and summer's bloom and brightness, children will be able to get some sun and stretch their legs. There’s minimal prep as your guests can bring their own blankets and celebrate with you.


A Kid's Indoor Playground

Leisure centres, such as Jungle Land's kids' indoor playgrounds, have restrictions in accommodating numerous guests. However, you can invite a 10 guest party for upto 2 hours of private play for an indoor playground birthday party in Vaughan at this facility. Make sure to call the playground staff ahead to assist you in assembling the playrooms, decorations, and other birthday needs you may have. 


Your Favourite Restaurant

Most restaurants and kid-friendly dining venues will have limited seating as part of their preventative measures. However, regardless your family will always have a blast eating good food and fun conversations for hours at your kids' favourite restaurant.


Decorating Your Living and Dining Room at Home

Your home will always feel the most comfortable and perfect venue to have a birthday party. While it's the only option nowadays, decorations of elaborate proportions across your living and dining rooms will never grow old when it comes to birthday surprises.

Jungle Land can only accept a limited number of young guests upon reopening, but we'll be back to full operations soon enough! We look forward to seeing you celebrate your birthdays and special occasions in our space once again. Contact us today to learn about how you can plan ahead to celebrate with us!