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3 Tips to Keep Your Kids Safe in an Indoor Playground

February 24, 2021

The city of Vaughan is home to many indoor playgrounds. Whether you join us at Jungle Land for your children’s birthday party or one of our summer drop off programs, we want to ensure the safety of you and your children at all times. An indoor playground is a great place for your little ones to enjoy their playtime. To help you have peace of mind in bringing your child into a play facility, here are some tips to remember.


Scan the Facility

Most of the time, a quick look at the toys and equipment is the best a parent can do for their children. Look for anything that can potentially injure your kids in any way. Uneven floors, tripping hazards, dangling fabric, loose nails and screws just to name a few. If you notice anything wrong with the facility, notify the staff immediately so that these issues can be fixed right away. Other parents would greatly appreciate this as well.


A Clean Policy

Although facilities do their best to maintain a clean and safe environment for kids and parents, visitors need to be aware of the policies as well. Every facility has health and safety standards set in place to protect their staff and visitors. Check with your local indoor playground before visiting. If you or your children are feeling under the weather, try to come up with some fun activities at home instead.


Too Young to Have Fun?

Bringing your kids to any playground can be a fun and memorable experience no matter how old they become. But sometimes when kids have too much fun, things may get out of control. This is very important when you consider bringing your 2-year old toddler and your 8-year old to the same playground. Make sure the facility has a toddler play area like Jungle Land. That way, they will never be too young to have fun.


To ensure the safety of our visitors, Jungle Land is offering private 2 hour play sessions, for up to 10 guests,  in our fully sanitized facility with all safety protocols in place. Visit our website for more information or contact Jungle Land today to learn more about how your kids can have a fun and safe time in our facility.