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3 Fun and Simple Games For An Epic Kid’s Birthday Party

June 20, 2023

Two things are irresistible for kids, birthday parties and games. Imagine what happens if they are both combined. As a parent, you can sometimes be out of ideas as to how to make your kid’s birthday party memorable. What most parents fail to realize is that you don’t have to break the bank or always go above and beyond to make your kids happy. All a kid needs is your love, efforts, and a birthday party with their closest friends and family. In this blog, we suggest three fun and simple games that can make your kid’s birthday party simply epic!

3 Party Games For Your Kid’s Birthday


1. Pin the Tail on the Donkey


This classic game always stays in style and is a hit with young children. Yes, even kids of this generation are thrilled to play this game. All you need is a donkey poster, blindfold, and tail cutouts. Blindfold each child and spin them around before setting them loose to pin the tail on the donkey. The child who pins the tail closest to the right spot wins and gets a prize. One of the best things about this game is that the rules are simple and it is easy to organise.


2. Musical Chairs

Nothing beats musical chairs when it comes to generating excitement in kids (and adults). The combination of music, game, and a birthday party can always go right. Arrange chairs in a circle with one less chair than the number of children playing. Turn on some fun music and let the children walk around the chairs until the music stops. When it does, the children must rush to sit on a chair. The child left standing is out, and the game continues until there's only one player left.


3. Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is a fun way to keep children entertained for more than just a few minutes. This game encourages teamwork and forces kids to be at their cognitive best. Create a list of clues and hide them around the party area. Split the children into teams or pairs and give them the first clue. The children must then solve each clue to find the next one until they reach the final treasure. The first team to reach the treasure wins.


A few party games are all you need to make your kid's birthday party epic! The games listed above in this blog are simple, fun, and exciting for kids of all ages. Choosing Jungle Land indoor playground as the venue for the birthday party is one of the best ways to ensure that the party is a hit among kids. Our popular indoor playground in Vaughan is one of the best in the region. Equipped with fun play areas and party rooms, ours is a one-stop fun destination for kids of all ages. Contact us today and let our staff assist you in booking our venue for your kid’s birthday party.