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3 Easy Ways to Have Fun at Home!

July 21, 2020

3 Easy Ways to Have Fun at Home!

An indoor playground in Toronto is one of the best places to have fun and stimulate your children's physical and mental capabilities. Now, you can bring the spirit of fun from the playground right to your home.


Keep your kids safe and properly stimulated with these great ideas to keep them occupied while simultaneously learning!


Create Your Own Obstacle Course

It's a bit of work, but having your own small indoor playground in Toronto is possible. You can get supplies such as balls, hula hoops, and rope from the dollar store and create your own obstacle course. Make it challenging and strategic to ensure that your kids will be entertained. To elevate the fun even further, you can buy a trampoline or a small bouncy castle to make it more challenging.

Puppet Theatre

You can create a puppet theatre with a cardboard box, fabric, and some colouring supplies. Online shopping and convenient deliveries have made it easy to order and receive cute children's costumes for less. Ask your child about their favourite shows and characters, or come up with a fun theme together. You can even order a costume for yourself to join in on the fun. Make sure you have props for them to use to really amp up the fun.

Swing Set

A fun at-home project you can do is to install a swing in the backyard or somewhere in the home. There are many kits you can purchase that are safe and include all the materials you need. You can always call a professional for advice if you need clarification on anything. This will help pass the time and keep your kids entertained until indoor playgrounds in Toronto are open again.

Possibilities are unlimited!

These are only a few of the fun activities you can do at home with your children until we open our doors again! Soon enough, children can have the most fun at Jungle Land, Vaughan's best playground. We'll see you soon!